Sumo Cyco / Photo Courtesy of Yangaroo


Sumo Cyco continues their ‘Lost in Cyco City’ saga with their eleventh self-directed music video for BRAVE. The band along with a cast of other cyco characters haunt an old house in Cyco City this Halloween. With nine singles released to date, almost 2 million YouTube hits, and a Juno nominated lead singer, Toronto/Hamilton based SUMO CYCO has moved mountains as an independent band. Their debut album ‘Lost in Cyco City’ (Fontana North) was released June 10th 2014 just as they completed their third year as part of NXNE and Warped Tour festivals in Toronto. SUMO CYCO won IndieWeek Canada 2013 competing against bands from across the country and worldwide, to win a spot headlining IndieWeek Ireland in April 2014. This prompted the band to tour the UK on their first headlining tour. Featured as artist of the month on Reverbnation and on Sonicbids as artist of the week, Sumo Cyco has sold 10 thousand singles completely independently…

Touring (Sample)

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Sumo Cyco


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