Shadowbox (San Francisco, CA – 9.21.16). Newspapers evolve everyday on a global level, with the intention of delivering information, most pertinent to the day by which it is printed and delivered. Each day, within the headline of these journals and gazettes, sees a specific date stamped clear. This date, like the one at the start of this article, will never will be replicated, ever. So in that mindset, if you only have one 9.21.16, its best to focus on the present offered within the essence of this 24 hour period, (with a level headed approach to equality of sprit, balance, and good nature). Carpe diem is a Latin statement of scientific principle, translated “seize the day”, taken from book 1 of the Roman poet Horace’s work Odes (23 BC). It also dictates translation and poetic justice imperative enough to ink on the knuckles. 

Balance And Support. (Shadowbox MVMNT 2016-17) Image: Courtesy: Creative Common / Ref:TBD)


Within our own self prescribed and questionably controlled dose of “Moment”….speaks to a climb and also a frame in need of balance, fostering growth and support internally and externally. My feelings is we must take it back to the rawest and richest forms of balance, that actually counter our disbelief in the ability to survive, simply by boasting some much due respect and appreciation for life, while displaying the gratitude for the courage to act with fearlessness.


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When we engage the awareness of our mortality, like when you stop to smell the rose, it’s here where we grip the aptitude to assess all of the possibilities that life can offer us. If we rock a life thrived off of fate dictated by emotional contingency and despair rather than courage or fearlessness, is menacing and unhealthy in our book. Why? Simply because circumstance can only allow us to go so far on the path of life, leaving the distance untravelled, paved with the same regret we fear of regretting.


With a focus on shared economy within our multi-media network, commerce platform, and magazine you’re reading, through a cinematic case study conducted overseas (Shadowbox / Ringside Presents: Bridge 2 Bali 2017 – Listed Below) since our return a few weeks back from Indonesia, -the inequality and disparity behind many facets of western living has become more evident. Always remaining positive, it’s obvious that life hits us with problems. Without comparing or contrasting our misfortunes to others around us, we must stay in the moment and figure how we can profit and yield from the problems that we face. Working within your own heirachy of needs, you start to place measure on what a “problem” is – and how far you will go to grab that solution.


Sometimes we don’t realize that problems provide our greatest opportunity for expansion and growth, and if we step to the issues before us and solve, that’s when we truly become rich, on the inside and not the other way around. If we accept our setbacks and difficulties into our lives, we open the doors to maturity and sophistication, that helps us grow into the most elevated interpretation of who we really are. #influence


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Inked Carpe Diem, seeking fulfillment and no regret……it became evident for the first time that regret can be a source of motivation, and as human beings, sometimes we utilize the source of regret to push, as we resort to other emotions (high and low) as a navigation device that suggests the most logical direction to the greatness and happiness we place on a pedestal undefined. Like the date on the morning paper, each of us will never be replicated, and we move accordingly….

(Shadowbox MVMNT 2016-17) Image: Courtesy: Creative Common / Ref:TBD)

If we take a moment to understand ourselves – we can be ourselves – then understand more about one another. It’s here we welcome each other through new doors with willingness. It’s time for a new era of equality and alliance. With a sense of unconditional support, even the smallest amount, we can ignite and/or reignite a sense of belief and strength within that was at one time absent. From here, we can become fearless and seize the impact through each day – from there, we can “Carpe Diem” in the fearless and poetic manner Horace intended us to engage without reservation.


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