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Dream Rockwell speaks to start up mentality and creative conversion to the members and attendees at Galvanize – SOMA / San Francisco, CA. (Picture – Shadowbox MVMNT / iPhone7).


A recent definition hunt regarding the word “visionary” didn’t exactly fire us up when seeking this in the fresh and innovative manner by which the rare breed of “thought leaders” can spark up within seconds of visiting our office in the South of Market District of San Francisco referenced the action of “thinking about” or “planning” the “future”, by a person with original ideas about what the future “will” or “could” be. Bolded words seem so uncertain, and in some respects doubtful. So for us its explosive to say the least when you sit before an entrepreneur whom converted “will” to “way” across many creative endeavors, most recently her ventures DoLab and Lightning in a Bottle (detailed further through the course of this piece), Over the past 12 + years she has been devoted to The Do LaB and Lightning in a Bottle and believes in the power of the female presence, therefore “Lightning in a Bottle is strongly represented by female artists”.

Dream Rockwell is a stage director for cirque, rock music, EDM shows and concert tours. Rockwell is a founder and part owner of The Do Lab, an event production company responsible for the premier transformational music festival Lightning in a Bottle (@thedolab / @libfestival). (Picture – Shadowbox MVMNT / iPhone7).


Dream Rockwell is a stage director for cirque, rock music, EDM shows and concert tours. Rockwell is a founder and part owner of The Do Lab, an event production company responsible for the premier transformational music festival Lightning in a Bottle (@thedolab / @libfestival). Rockwell, Canadian born, is the director of Lucent Dossier Experience, a “high-concept” cirque circus troupe. Beyond her additional experience as a talented music producer, Rockwell’s performance experience includes singing, circus arts, dance, aerial arts, fire performance, live original music, and vocals.Rockwell lived in New York City, where she produced Lunatic Fringe, a monthly open mic poetry slam. Later she moved on to direct the performance portions for Panic! at the Disco’s VH1 award-winning video “I Write Sins not Tragedies”, that was packaged successfully with an international concert tour, for Rockwell to aid with her creative mastermind. She directed The Duhks’ video “Fast Paced World”, and Mötley Crüe’s last world tour with Aerosmith.

Galvanize team members, including Roya Sabeti, Community / Member Success Manager (far left) , have worked overtime with dedicated spirit in an effort to provide their members and community with access to learn under the best and brightest. (Picture – Shadowbox MVMNT / iPhone7).


Rockwell is the founder of Cuddle the World, an organization that takes teddy bears, cuddle blankets, creative toys and musical instruments to needy children around the world. One of Dream’s passions is to create events that inspire people to new possibilities. As posted on their Facebook page, per Cuddle the world: “Our vision is to use theater arts, and visual art as a forum to foster exchange and unity between under-served communities, and make individual impact in children’s lives”. This philanthropic initiative is currently engaging projects that incorporates non-traditional / cutting edge approaches to art, education, community development, and international exchange. For more information, you can show support here at

Galvanize – SOMA / San Francisco, CA. (Picture – Shadowbox MVMNT / iPhone7).


The Galvanize Transformative Storytelling Series – invited this amazing performance director and event creator to the San Francisco (SOMA) location for a deeper insight into the world of vision, execution, and the moment of self revolution, transformation, and actualization somewhere in between. As her lecture detailed, Dream co-founded Lightning in a Bottle, a music festival that was inspired by Burning Man and an epiphany she had there. With vision in check and targeting on point, it was the arrow, more so the point of which an arrow represents, that remained ready to release, with targets becoming defined by surrounding herself with individuals whom could balance her strengths, assist in execution (if, when, and where, it was desired), and can offer an extra push needed. Check for further detail.

Dream Rockwell speaks at Galvanize – SOMA / San Francisco, CA. (Picture – Shadowbox MVMNT / iPhone7).


What was once a small gathering circa early 2000’s, has transcended into a world famous festival which combines the elements of music, art, & performance, in a uniquely inspirational & holistic experience. Do LaB, Los Angeles, CA. builds and promotes music festivals, interactive environments, and dynamic structures that dictate the essence of human relation, collaborative cultivation, and melodic symbiosis, in turn, delivering a transformative movement to never be forgotten. The Do LaB has not only produced events including Lightning in a Bottle (LIB), this explosive outfit has also covered Woogie Weekend and The Great Convergence, which was held at the pyramids of Giza in Egypt. Equally, they run co-production behind the influential Dirtybird Campout, and has evolved worldwide by engaging major festivals and alternative events including Coachella, Boom Festival, Virgin Music Festival, and Global Gathering. For more information, please visit:



The purpose behind this “impromptu” piece purpose conveys our: acute meditation and enthusiasm for the experience of live performance; wish to personally thank the Galvanize community, and its team for preparing this amazing event; support the golden age in which we’re happily seeing entrepreneurship spearheaded by more and more women each day; and simply wish to conclude by stating that Dream Rockwell is an inspiration to those of us whom invent from the heart and yearn to leverage the spirit of vibe, tempo, and creative unity to support our business modeling.

Growing up in Mill Valley, CA, headphones were glued to my head as far back as I can remember, I spoke music more than traditional offering mix-tapes as a formula for introduction, and I am grateful to say the community by which I was surrounded by, fostered my passion for the diversity and synthesis behind motion and melody. A distinct, yet significant portion of my my friends had parents (family members) whom were either in a band, owned and operated a musical venue or recording studio, and/or worked within the industry as a promoter, manager, producer, and/or reporter. With a deep love for sound, mixed in with this daily exposure to notable musicians, my palette for musical diversity was established at a young age. On the way to elementary school in the morning, from time to time a convertible would pull up along side of us, and it would be Bill Graham behind the driver seat.

His eyes were always relaxed, yet so focused. Looking over at him in the driver seat, he would always remain eased back (just enough to embody be hip visionary he was), but stern at the forefront of a mission at all times. To this day, I always remember wondering, or asking my mom, “What is his mind?….”What’s he planning? I got that same feeling looking into the eyes of Ms. Rockwell when she took center stage at our office. Defining the establishment behind her amazing ventures in play, you could just see that there is so much more coming, and if/when we see what it is, will be up to her. She’s at the forefront, and is the hip visionary we are so lucky to have been able to learn from.

Its appropriate to say that many entrepreneurs start up a venture when they see a demand in a marketplace, and have the solution to satisfy it. Whether it is creating a song, a film, new product/service and/or ability to satisfy an underserved segment of the market, the solutions exist and we must be passionate enough to solve. According to some of the most recent publications researched (including Start Up Activity / Kaufman Research), female entrepreneurs are more “adept” than males in the start up arena with their effective ability to navigate the gaps in the market and seize the opportunity. While Dream explained this notion is much easier said than done, execution became reality. Check these explosive agendas per Dream and her team on board. Seeing the likes of today’s heavy hitters like Kaytranada, Bob Moses, Bassnectar, and TroyBoi on the headline, fused with awesome underground / indie up and comers, dictates a stellar booking strategy in our opinion. And not only is she executing through strategic pockets of territory (like the North Bay Area), she’s adding new value by curating a diversified festival experience beyond the amazing music that lines up another set upcoming festivals under her leadership. These experiences not only strengthen the churns over time, but develop symbiotic generations and unified movements that foster the social and creative collision needed within every universal marketplace on the map.







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