MGMT’s Andrew VanWyngarden – Photo / Creative Commons.


Little Dark Age is the fourth studio album by the American rock band MGMT, released on February 9, 2018 through Columbia Records. In almost five years now, this new piece represents the first form of artistic substance to be released by the band, following up on their unconventional and widely misunderstood third studio project MGMT, released in 2013. Back in January of 2018, Rolling Stone Magazine conducted an interview with the band regarding Little Dark Age. After their two previous albums were received in nothing more than a harsh and confused manner by many fans and critics, MGMT became sadly concerned that the admiration and recognition derived from the release of their first album would be near impossible to replicate. They miscalculated their predictions.

After a little research it’s great to see, and not a surprise, that Little Dark Age has received positive reviews from music critics. At Metacritic, which offers a “normalized” rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics, the album has an average score of 77 based on 24 reviews, indicating “generally favorable reviews,” and is also the most critically acclaimed album by MGMT on this platform. We love the way Terrance Cawley of The Boston Globe stated that MGMT’s fourth album to date was “both hooky and eccentric enough to please MGMT fans of all stripes.”, and how the The Washington Post‘s Mark Kennedy dropped positive notes describing that “MGMT have once more delivered an off-kilter, challenging and very addictive album.” These two remarks speak unpredictable levels of volume to MGMT fans whom have now been given another dose of the styles and sounds by which they’ve built their psychedelic dedication (and addictions) upon.

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If your’e new to the band, simply because you got lost in the immense group of new listeners and artists during their hiatus, we suggest you take a listen, but first lets rewind a little. MGMT is an indie rock band that came together in Middletown, Connecticut back in 2002. It consists of Andrew VanWyngarden (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass guitar, drums, percussion) and Ben Goldwasser (vocals, keyboards, guitar, percussion). Representing the face of this eclectic band, after their third studio album, the two core members took to a period of separation. It was during this period by which they began working on their fourth installment long distance via e-mail. The distanced relationship between the musical duo, who later decided to sync up and work together again in a synthesized fashion, provided for an alternatively unique and innovative experience, by which the grounds of Little Dark Age became rooted.

MGMT has a North American Tour in the works. Photo / Creative Commons.

On tour, their live crew/lineup is composed of VanWyngarden, Goldwasser, Will Berman (drums, percussion, harmonica, backing vocals), Simon O’Connor (bass guitar, backing vocals), and James Richardson (lead guitar, keyboards, backing vocals). In the autumn of 2006 Maureen Kenny signed the band to Columbia Records. Their timeline of studio releases sits below:

  • Oracular Spectacular (2007)
  • Congratulations (2010)
  • MGMT (2013)
  • Little Dark Age (2018)

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2007’s Oracular Spectacular, their first major-label album, and its three hit singles, “Electric Feel,” “Time to Pretend,” and “Kids,”; represents a body of work that blew fanbases and radio stations out of the water, prior to releasing avant-garde discs Congratulations and MGMT, which managed to diminish much of the loyalty and interest the band had built up over time. We simply wish to conclude by stating that; for a band as creatively groundbreaking as MGMT, it’s not a matter of “if” the artists will return, its just a matter of “when”. Please enjoy one of their fresh songs below off of their new album Little Dark Age.



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