Gang Of Teenagers Hanging Out In Urban Environment



A website devoted to youth and the world of surfing this site has quite the reach with youth. While this site may cater to a specific kind of group, it offers kids many ways to express themselves through their video, photo, or tails of the week section. Definitely worth checking out, especially if you are into the youth beach scene.



What is great about this website is it’s variety. Not only is it a website for youth, but it is a website about youth as well. It is a great site for youth workers or parents to see what topics are on the minds of the kids they are involved in.

Along with those topics comes stories of inspiration. One must see story is “Inspire! With Emma Jackson: The Role of Youth in Divestment” by Courtney Young. It tells of how one person became more and more active in her social causes, and offers advice for kids who often feel like they are alone with what they are passionate about.


This blog site is geared toward teens and the topic of saving money. Let’s face it, time are tight. In this economy everyone could use all the help they can get. is a site where kids can not only talk about the financial burden of life, but receive advice on how to get through it. But sometimes advice on saving money isn’t enough when you don’t have that much of it. That is where the inspirational stories of those who get through everyday life are great reads for the teens as well.



What many viewers like about this site is that it is geared toward being a kid. Along with it’s fun blog section it also offers many fun things for kids to look at, a stash of them if you will. It offers games and resources for youth workers like talks and event ideas. This is a fun website that anyone who works with kids, has them, or is one should check out.



Like this site is geared toward youth and surfing. But what separates this site is that it explores the whole culture of youth in the skateboarding and beach scene. While the magazines aren’t free, they are worth the price because they offer insight into a world that most people are afraid to explore: youth on the edge. Also like this site offers many outlets for creativity with videos, magazine articles, and photos. It’s something to think about getting involved in if you represent that specific culture and want express your creativity.



Once again this a sight that gears toward youth ministry, but also again, readers should not let that stop them. This website features three young and promising bloggers who talk about many things from economics, to inspirational stories, and yes stories about religious beliefs(hey I told you it was geared toward youth ministry).


Blogs GY is a Guyanese website which aims to offer up a unified umbrella by which youngsters can reach to their literary capabilities and lay out their viewpoints for the worldwide web to engage. Contrary to the main flow of youth blogging these days, this one hosts a number of authors writing on a various topics of all sorts. Coolest thing about this site, is where it states that their “authors are not limited in any way and have the liberty to choose what they want to write and how they want to write it”..that’s a statement the Cornerman MVMNT gets stoked to read.



One of the hardest things for youth and youth workers is keeping up with the latest trends of whatever is going on. That is an area where this website excels at. It offers all the latest news and developments on the latest trends in youth. It is a good way for youth to feel included and an even better way for youth workers to understand the kids, even if it’s just a little more. And you know it is geared towards today’s youth because it uses the term “millennials”, a term that often elicits eye rolls, but if you work with kids then it is a necessary evil.



The only UK based website, this site is geared mostly towards people who work with youth, but that doesn’t make it any less informative. Anyone from teachers, social workers, and youth ministry workers can come to this site and blog about their experiences working with youth and how they got through the difficult situations that are inevitable when it comes to working with kids. This website is good for venting or just going on to learn. Because lets face it, it’s best to learn how to get through a problem by reading about someone who has been there and experienced it.