Photo: Shadowbox Studios / Shadowbox MVMNT. The Standard Hotel / Downtown Los Angeles. A home for comfort, creativity, and collision undefined.

Shadowbox MVMNT (Los Angeles, CA). Beyond the rooftop pool overlooking the concrete hustle depicted through the daily “go-to-it” in downtown Los Angeles, CA; above the spacious, comfortable, and strikingly unique rooms by which milestones have been managed in our camp; and without placing aside the unmatchable cuisine offered through the diverse assortment of restaurants, lounges, and 24/7 in room dining (standardhotels.com for detailed information)….The Standard Hotel is forever in our heart as one of the finest hotels to work and dwell in…when deployed into the professional realm of creative endeavor. It is dear to us for so many rights and reasons that our personal to our own journeys there, and its a culture within a culture that thrives off of the amazing experience the Standard brings to the imagination.

Influence in every timezone – Lobby / Standard Downtown LA (PHOTOS – SHADOWBOX STUDIOS / SHADOWBOX MVMNT) @standarddtla

“The Standard Hotel is forever in our heart as one of the finest hotels to work and dwell when deployed into the professional realm of creative endeavor. is dear to us for so many rights and reasons.” – Shadowbox MVMNT – 2016 


It’s here by which we pay respects to a shelter that shelters influence. Shadowbox, (w/ its new Social Magazine – Shadowbox MVMNT / Column – Boxer Expose) want to thank you. Through admiration of an environment that fosters the drive in all of us, while delivering an experience in branded lodging and loyalty to the independent scene, that permits a simple minded approach, with the complexities of an artistic brain in mind. This piece drops on Shadowbox MVMNT May 2016, and for now we leave you with a taste of the experience through personal photographic measures. Please check back soon!

The Standard Hollywood (@standardhwood) – A future/classic experience & most recently utilized for setting in Terrence Mallick’s motion picture Knights of Cups (Broad Green Pictures), starring Christian Bale, Natalie Portman, and Cate Blanchett. Preview provided below.

The Standard Hotel downtown LA (@standarddtla), just like it’s sister spot in Hollywood (@standardhwood) is dear to us for so many rights and countless reasons. From headspace inspiration to “downright” unmatchable taste in the game of travel, leisure, the Standard inspires via the dedicated marketing approach, which permits this business to remain “indie” and true to its roots that appear (much of the time) niche specific to branded and artistic culture. And….it is from this point since our last Standard Hotel visit a few weeks ago, we strive to share a taste of this comfortable culture by which we have called “a home away from home” Pacific Coast STANDARD time…. and time again.


The Standard Hotel pictured throughout this introductory piece, displays imagery of an inspirational and forward thinking environment….an environment by which we have visited on rotation, when setting up shop in LA, to produce, acquire, collide, and create. The Standard is a place by which members of our team have walked “to and from” their very first auditions; a place where we finished two pilots, and a script have been completed, numerous artists have signed up to our network, and lets a leave with a new drive by which one can step to.

The mini bar assures the support of “Standard” safety practices, which is very commendable and responsible. (PHOTO: SHADOWBOX STUDIOS / SHADOWBOX MVMNT).

The mini bar assures the support of “Standard” safety practices, which is very commendable and responsible. And still, amidst the motion of “on demand” travel and leisure, this group still manages to find time to turn this sexy and honorable effort “to provide condoms in the goody baskets above the mini-bar”, into a brilliant marketing agenda, instigating a “deeper” sense of brand awareness and consumer engagement.

Room numbers kindly offer braille, and a little splash of personalized character. Even the “Storage” Room feels welcome and part of the crew. (PHOTO – SHADOWBOX MVMNT / SHADOWBOX STUDIOS).


The Standard Hotels are a group of five boutique hotels in Los Angeles (Hollywood and Downtown LA), New York City (Meatpacking District and East Village) and Miami Beach. The hotels are operated by Standard International Management. (standardhotels.com)

(PLEASE NOTE: This video above is taken from Youtube / standardhotels.com) The Standard is cinematic at every angle, simply because of the mode and method by which they are designed. From the decor to the spacious rooms, and the modern approach fused with the presence of Hollywood mystification, this environment compliments any effort to grab a lens and explore the grounds that are anything but “Standard” and most likely the “Opposite” by which original standards are created.

Uppercut (@shadowboxactive) takes great pride in sharing inspirational experiences as a part of travel reporting. @standarddtla.